Social Experiment- giving up tv for 1 year

The Great TV Experiment

This is a social experiment that my husband (reluctantly) and I (excitedly) are trying.  We are giving up sitting in front of the t.v. for hours at a time, like a bump on a log.  The reasons are many, and are explained in the FAQ.  We started this week, and already, the experiment has delivered surprises.



1. Are you giving up all tv?

No.  We are giving up the satellite system that gave us a huge variety of options, and there was still “nothing on tv”.  Many of the shows are not about the quality or entertainment. It seems as though the shows are just a means to an end – the advertisers.  We have some basic rules – ok to stream a show or movie, ok to rent a movie or show, ok to watch tv at someone else’s place, including bars (sporting events).


2. Why are you doing this? (Also stated from others as though is is going to be torture).  There are a variety of reasons.  We found ourselves watching shows that we didn’t care about, while eating, relaxing and generally vegging out.  We were not making conscious decisions to watch something we were really interested in.  Instead, we found ourselves flipping channels, and wasting a lot of time.  Most days it is several hours we have wasted.  Instead, we thought we could add quality to our free time, and have a better work/life balance.  We were doing fun things on the weekend, but not enjoying the few hours we had available after work.  If we only had a couple of days left of life, wouldn’t it be a waste to have spent it watching some uneducated guy, who is missing teeth, show how he is going to find a snapping turtle in a hog wallow, and rescue a lady farmer?  And of course, this is with a background of scary music.  The point seems to be to watch this idiot, try to make a big deal out of something that is not a big deal.  Of course, the hog farmer is a young, attractive, busty girl in a white tank top.  What farmer wears a new white tank top to catch a snapping turtle in a mud hole?  Apparently, this one.  We actually sat through this show, exclaiming how we couldn’t believe we were watching this- but it was the best thing on.  Instead, we could have been visiting with friends, working on a scrapbook, reading a book, taking a walk, or doing any number of other things that are more enjoyable than sitting on our couches (which are very comfortable) and wasting time.