30 Days Home

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Today I am angry and disappointed in myself. I let myself down- I did not work on writing these last few days, nor anything else regarding documenting the RTW trip.

I have these wonderful dreams- write a book, it becomes a best seller, a movie is made from it, I become fabulously wealthy, the movie wins awards, I attend the awards shows and get to meet my favorite celebrities. My career changes as I hit the talk show circuit, and am given the opportunity to host my own talk show, meeting more interesting people.

Rules Of Thumb I Use When Traveling Alone in a Foreign Country

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Life lessons learned while on the road in 2014. When in a group, don’t be first, don’t be last, be in the middle. 

I was reminded of this lesson in Amsterdam when I crossed the street and found myself left behind because I walked at a slower pace than the crowd surrounding me . I imagine this is how the last zebra  felt crossing a crocodile infested river in Africa.

Within seconds I went from crossing a street to abandoned in the middle of a bike lane with my hands covering my head for protection as bikes streamed past me on both sides of my body. Different Cultures have the same underlying problems. Both a crocodile or a biker could impact someone else’s life if someone was not paying attention.

I am grateful for the girl that stopped her bike so that I could finish crossing. And she was patient with me and did not yell at me, although I was clearly at fault. I felt as though I had inadvertently crossed the running lanes at a high school track practice, and the sprinters were only a few yards and headed toward me.

This was actual bike traffic. The lane of traffic was like a lane of traffic in the video game Frogger, it was a slower lane of traffic, but by not moving quickly between vehicles, one could be run over and squashed.

Also learned  “Bike Lane” in other countries means: a lane of traffic that happens to be full of bikes moving quickly. They are all going the same direction and there are bike lanes on each side of busy roads, including downtown cities.

Rule  Pay attention to stationary landmarks

When traveling alone, I must remember to pay attention to stationary landmarks so I can find my way back. Even a dead dog works in a pinch.